Specializing in medical office space since 1978


  • Acquisition & Disposition Of Medical Buildings

    • Match Properties with Investment Criteria
    • Conduct Due Diligence
    • Negotiate Purchase Contracts
    • Conduct Feasibility Studies
    • Survey Rental Markets
    • Direct Management Transitions
  • Tenant Representation

    At no cost to clients, we provide an efficient method – in terms of both time and bottom line - of locating the optimum place and space for a medical office or facility.

    Over the years, we have represented over 1000 healthcare providers in locating properties and negotiating successful deals on a confidential basis. 

    • Conduct Research & Market Analysis
    • Handle Site Selection
    • Evaluate Space Plans
    • Manage Lease or Purchase Negotiation
  • Medical Office Leasing & Sales

    We take on we protect the owner's investment by managing risk. We develop and implement marketing programs, which ensure target market penetration.

    • Analyze Primary Markets
    • Develop Project Positioning Strategies
    • Direct Advertising and Public Relations
    • Manage Sales/Leasing Marketing Programs
    • Prepare Operating Budgets
    • Direct Medical Condominium Sales & Development
    • Review Condominium Documents
  • Consulting

    Through our flexible and time-tested programs, we form a partnership with all clients, integrating their needs with our experience. We save you time and money.

    We keep our clients on a precise track designed to reduce risk, remain committed to the project's image and to deliver buildings that are carefully tailored to the efficient delivery of healthcare needs.

  • Project Analysis

    • Manage Site Selection
    • Conduct Zoning Analysis
    • Survey Rental Markets
    • Create Pro Forma Analysis
    • Manage Project Scheduling
  • Development

    • Coordinate Design Development
    • Direct Marketing and Leasing
    • Develop Financing
    • Manage Construction Process
    • Handle Tenant Lease-Up/Build-Out
    • Property Management