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Looking to lease? Seek expert help

South Florida Hospital News | By: Lois Thomson

Leasing medical office space requires an expert in the field of health care real estate, declared Kenneth Weston, whose company, Kenneth Weston & Associates, Inc., has specialized in medical office space for more than 25 years. Fortunately, physicians and health care professionals can find that expertise in South Florida.

Weston made just a few points about how he and his firm can assist physicians with their needs: “There are special things involved when you’re dealing with medical real estate leases that are not the same as commercial leases with other types of professionals.”

Weston did a year’s internship at a hospital when he first became involved in leasing. He said, “I wanted to be familiar with physicians and their requirements, and I learned that each specialty has different needs. For example, pediatricians need much smaller exam rooms than an orthopedic surgeon. Plus, all physicians need an exit and an entryway because the doctor doesn’t want to enter the office through the reception room. We see buildings all the time that aren’t designed properly. So in leasing space, one’s background is very important. Knowledge is the most important thing.”

He also mentioned a new trend on the scene, which is the mixed-use project. “We’re doing several projects now in shopping centers,” he said. “While people are having a procedure done that takes a couple of hours, the family members can have lunch or go shopping. Location is key, especially in the South Florida area. It’s almost turning into a retail-type situation.”